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Comfortable Bike Seat - The Inbuilt Saddle Suspension

Comfortable Bike Seat – The Inbuilt Saddle Suspension

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Turn your bike ride into a smooth glide with our latest PVC Bike Seat! It will save you from numbness caused by long hours of bike riding.




With an ergonomic spider-web design, this bike seat allows greater blood flow to prevent lack of sensation caused by uncomfortable riding.




It is made of the highest quality materials, so durability is out of question. Unlike traditional bike seats, it is flexible and won’t snap if pressure is applied to it.




Our saddle can be installed on any seatpost. Just remove your existing bike seat, install ours and adjust it to your comfort.




69 ventilation holes on the surface provide superb airflow so you can keep going all day! Also, the hollow design and silicone layering provide brilliant shock absorption. Even on bumpy rides or during accidental breaks, this bike seat gives you better stability and handling.



Suitable for all kinds of bikes such as mountain bike, road bike, folding bike, MTB, BMX, etc. You can also replace your workout bike’s seat with this bicycle saddle for extended cardio sessions.




Package includes: 1 x Bike seat

Material: PVC, silicone, steel

Size: 28 cm x 14.5 cm / 11″ x 6″

Affordable weight: up to 80 kg / 180 lb

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Worked great even on the very first ride. I was concerned when I first got this as it seemed a little smaller than the seat I'm replacing. It turned out to be very comfortable. My previous seat would start hurting my sit bones around the 10-15 miles mark but this one allowed me to do almost 30 miles with comfort. At less than half the price of the original seat, it's a great value! :)


I have only put through a 5-mile ride to test, but so far I'm extremely pleased with this purchase. It is light and supportive, and the cutouts distribute pressure properly to stave off numbness and protect my butt. This seat is made well, looks great, and is a no brainer for anyone seeking additional comfort without paying a premium. Earlier, riding my bike felt like sitting on a tree branch, now it's more like a cushion. I recommend to every bike rider.


I have an exercise cycle and I could not work out with it much because it was quite uncomfortable. Due to the discomfort, I could not exercise for longer durations so I ordered this one to test and it is much relaxing than the old one. Now I cycle for more than 30 mins which is almost double than before.


I've been using this for my daily commutes and shopping trips and visiting friends for a few days since I received it and it has worked great. If you are doing all-day rides and want a light and comfortable saddle, this is the product for you.


No more numbness. I like its design very much, it absorbs shocks effectively and provides a very comfortable ride. Even after a long ride, I didn't feel any soreness like I used to experience on my old bike seat with padding.


I was doubtful on buying this because it looked very small on the website and I thought it would snap by my weight but it is very light, flexible and strong at the same time. It can withstand more than average himan weight and it is more comfortable than any bike seat I have ever seen.


This seat is absolutely awesome. I bike about 40-60 miles a week and do not wear any additional padding with this seat. The seat is lightweight and extremely comfortable, and so far has held up well with no signs of wear. I recommend.


Perfect product in this price range. The first thing I tested was its weight which is around 170 grams. The I installed it on my bike easily, adjusted according to my convenience and now, I'm in love with this. It is a very innovative and stylish seat. I'd like to recommend it.


This bike seat is extremely comfortable, haven't had it long enough to test its durability. Not much heavier than stock mountain bike seat. For comfort gain, the extra weight is removed. Still reasonably slim for going over it in the trails. Make sure to adjust the pitch for your comfort. Highly recommended by me.


After reading the reviews from experienced riders, I knew this was a good deal. There is absolutely no reason to pay fifty plus dollars for a seat of equal value, comfort, and design. I highly recommend this upgrade on both road and mountain bikes.


Oh my gosh, just put this saddle on and went out for a quick ride, what a difference! This saddle also has more room for adjustment than my stock saddle. Great product!


Product as described! And a great store


Excellent a bit rustic but meets the expectations so far


Saddle conforms to the description and rather pleasant. To see in time. Serious store and sending very fast.


Very fast shipping 17 days looks good product


Very good and light


Got on time, looks normal, cheap plastic, moderately stiff,


Comfortable seat. For 50 km did not feel discomfort. Delivery 20 days. For this price - I recommend.


Delivery sooner than expected, looks good quality!


Loved the product


Have only used it for a few exercises. Seems good for now.


Test on 15 km ATV, really surprising, to test on a long distance.


Get very fast, 11 days to Santiago de Chile, is the correct product, the material is stretchy and looks tough, but will have to watch if it stands the mountain


Arrived as advertised, 5 stars, but testing.



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